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Maria Bregman's stories are cinematic

Опубликовано 04 июл 2022
Maria Bregman's stories are cinematic
Maria Bregman's stories are cinematic: you can clearly see everything they describe. The kaleidoscopic impressions either form a single picture, or crumble, but the impression of wholeness and some kind of enticing mystery remains.
Conscious conciseness and stinginess of the narrative advantageously emphasize the "close-ups" of the internal state of their laconic heroes and heroines.
“This could only happen in a castle, in an old, even slightly magical court. I did not notice how a man sat down at the large stone table where we were sitting with my husband and son. He surprised me with his appearance: white curls, curled by nature, flowed along the face and descended to the neck. The eyes burned with the sun's fire and looked at me with such interest that I also turned my head to him and began to look at him.
At one time, the mystic Yuri Mamleev noted the story "The Eye of God" as mystical.
“A moment later, I was already walking with all my strength from this place, not distinguishing either the road or the people walking with calmly mournful expressions on their faces. Having moved a sufficient distance, I turned around at the peaceful brilliance of the domes, and sighed, realizing that the church was inaccessible to me.”
"The Eye of God" is not readable - it is exhaled. Through everyday realistic details gradually and imperceptibly emerges - a miracle.
“And you dreamed! We dreamed about your future, who you would become, and that you would definitely have four children, and they would definitely come here, to this river, and just like you, they would swim in the water and burrow into the sand, warming themselves under the rays of the warm sun. And they will laugh, tell you how good they are, and you will laugh together!”
And this miracle, the authors say, lives in each of us. You only need to know the "password". Change the direction of your gaze. Tune in. Listen. Work hard with your heart. And a light, pure, transfiguring light will flow. A miracle will happen!

Vladimir Razinkin, Literary critic, director, playwright,
Member of the Union of Russian Writers
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